Free medical care

A student goes to the doctor - about free healthcare for students

According to the law, university students are covered by compulsory health insurance. Students up to 26 years of age may be covered by their parents' insurance. To obtain such status, one of the parents should apply for coverage of their son or daughter as a family member. If this option is not available for a student whose parents are not insured and who has no other valid basis of coverage, the university should apply for his or her health insurance coverage. If the student is employed under regular employment contract, his or her employer reports the student to the health insurance system and makes due payments. If the student is self-employed, he or she is in charge of these duties. Which document is proof of insurance for a student?

ZUS ZCZA form - proof of family member notification to insurance,
valid student card,
certificate issued by a parent's employer, or another confirmation of payment of insurance premiums by the parent.
A document confirming entitlement to receive healthcare services is valid for 30 days. In urgent cases (sickness, accident), such document may be presented at a later date. For a person admitted to a hospital, the document can be submitted within 30 days of commencement of medical service provision, if the duration of the hospital stay exceeds that period or otherwise within 7 days of discharge.
What are the rules for a person studying outside his or her registered place of residence to go to a GP? Anyone who is insured with the National Health Fund (Polish abbreviation: NFZ), including students, can receive healthcare services anywhere in Poland at a practice that has signed a contract with the National Health Fund. A student may choose his or her family practitioner at the place of study. You can obtain a declaration form from a clinic or practice, or download it from Students, like all other insured persons, may go to a different GP (other than the one chosen in the declaration) in urgent cases. They will have to present documents constituting valid proof of insurance.

Where should you go in case of an emergency?
A student who falls ill in the evening, at night, on a Sunday or holiday may use 24-hour basic healthcare service. Such services can be provided at a general clinic or at a different practice that has signed a relevant contract with the clinic. Each clinic and practice should provide a notice indicating the location of 24-hour healthcare service, displayed at a prominent location and specifying the address and telephone number. In emergency situations requiring urgent help, students - like all other insured persons - may seek help at the nearest Hospital Emergency Department or call an ambulance.
What are the rules for foreign students receiving free healthcare?
Students from EU/EFTA Member States may receive healthcare services according to the same rules as all persons insured with the National Health Fund. As proof of insurance, they should present a European Health Insurance Card. Students from outside the EU/EFTA who begin studying at a university in Poland may sign a contract with Wielkopolskie Province Department of the National Health Fund (Polish abbreviation: WOW NFZ) concerning voluntary health insurance (the current amount of premium is PLN 46.80). Polish students leaving for another EU/EFTA Member State are entitled to receive free healthcare services as well. Before departure, they should apply for a European Health Insurance Card. The card entitles the holder to free healthcare in another EU/EFTA Member State on the same terms as those applicable to local insured persons.
How long is a student covered by this healthcare scheme after finishing his or her studies?
This title expires 4 months after the student finishes the course of study or is expelled.
For more information call0 800 800 805 (24-hour toll-free number, for landline phones only) or 61 194-94 (also for mobile phones)