PULS Integration for the second time

A successful recruitment for English studies at Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS) was completed. Of 1800 registered the PULS platform, 270 international students have been selected. PULS Integration picnic was organized on Friday October 7, at the wonderful Dendrological Garden for a welcoming integration.


PULS Integration was running for the second time and with the aim to integrate not only the communities of English studies, but also for activating students to participate to the PULS life. The initiator of the event is prof. Jean Diatta. Thanks to him, the International Student Association - PULS-ISA was launched and is actively representing the interests of international students as well as ensuring a cooperation between Polish and international students.

„For many students, studying at our University is a great change and challenge. In most cases, they must deal with not only the new place and environment, but also the cultural otherness. This is why this start is so important. Welcoming them to our University community and showing, that they are its part; can perform actively and derive pleasure” – said prof. Jean  Diatta. „Through this annual whole-University event, our University community expresses how important are common activities and mutual support. This strengthens us and give a feeling of common achievements”– added prof. Diatta.


Among various scheduled attractions, special music zone was organized and steered by PULS graduate, Mr DJ Ice Cream and DJ Bango Balenci as well as our University Music Team: PGR from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. As well as some really relaxing and challenging sport actions led by the Centre for Physical Education (PULS).


 „We are glad, that new students have joined our community. We hope, that such events make easier establishing the contacts, exchanging any knowledge, experiences and initiate a mutual cognition of cultural heritage of all students” – points out dr inż. Sylwia Graja-Zwolińska, the Coordinator of the events.


Attendees found really exciting the sessions of bread baking and manual decoration of tissue sacs with the PULS logo. Students were also competing with the knowledge of Poland, Great Poland (Wielkopolska) and Poznan. One of the challenging topic was the „good” command of polish language, a competition steered by Magdalena Borowiak (Centre for Support and Development). The awards for the event were also kindly shared by Wielkopolska Tourist Organization (Wielkopolska Organizacja Turystyczna) and Poznań Local Tourist Organization (Poznańska Lokalna Organizacja Turystyczna). 


Students could also degustate apples from the special PULS Horticultural Experimental Station (Rolniczo-Sadownicze Gospodarstwo Doświadczalne, Przybroda).


“Additionally, I would like to address my thanks to All Attendees, to the Rector prof. Krzysztof Szoszkiewicz; Vice-Rector for Studies, prof. Piotr Ślósarz as well as Monika Pennington”- sums up prof. Diatta.