THE 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRICULTURE 2020 The 4th Agricultural Revolution: Growing Population and Deriving Changes in “ Farming Systems” - on-line

lis/26 10:00 - lis/27 14:00
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The 7th International Conference on Agriculture 2020 (AGRICO 2020) consists of industrial workshops conducted by the experts in relative fields. The participants will receive the opportunity to grab knowledge from both the academic and industry fields that related to the relevant areas. The industry professionals can get the opportunity to grab the knowledge from industry experts and more knowledge of the strategic methods to develop their businesses.  As well as the researchers will receive the opportunity to meet the industry experts and get the inputs to improve the industry value of their research.


Agrico 2020 provides you with a promotional space to showcase your work, products and services with the objective of bridging the Academia, Policy and Agriculture Industry. This exhibition is generally targeting the agriculture industry and will be represented by the companies from Thailand and other countries.  This exhibition will provide opportunities for Aquaculture companies and farmers to learn about the latest machinery technologies, harvesting tools, equipment, fertilizers, landing solutions and many more.


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