The Polish Accreditation Committee again appreciated the standard of education offered by our Forestry studies

The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) when assessing the quality of education at the Faculty of Forestry, the Poznań University of Life Sciences, offered within the first and second cycle studies in Forestry awarded the highest, excellent grade.

The Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee stated that the high education quality of Forestry studies provided by the Faculty of Forestry, PULS as well as the scope of adopted quality criteria and curriculum review fully justify the awarded excellent grade (Resolution no. 477/2017 of 21 September 2017).

I would like to stress here that the Forestry study at the Faculty of Forestry, PULS is one of the very few in Poland granted the excellent grade two times in a row.

For this reason I would like to thank you and commend you all for maintaining the high standard of teaching at the Forestry studies.


Prof. dr hab. Piotr Łakomy - Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, the Poznan University of Life Sciences