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Dear Students,

The current situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak affects many aspects of our life, including the education process. We follow the regulations provided by the epidemiologists and the government to ensure that you and your relatives and friends are safe. We do realize the taken safety measures will have serious consequences for your education and will also require extra effort from you. We hope for your understanding,  commitment and cooperation.

By the ordinance of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we are only allowed to offer you education in an online. At this moment the date of returning to the regular classes was set up to April 14. However, the accrual date of the return can be delayed based on the current situation.

 All physical meetings related to education on campus are not allowed. This decision on introducing distant working and learning has been made to keep students and teachers safe and to facilitate work and study as planned.

With these measures, we expect to maintain our high-quality education without unnecessary study delay, although we realize it will require additional efforts of you and your teachers. We trust that you will behave responsibly outside the virtual classroom. We will do our utmost best to support you in these difficult times that have such an influence on our personal and educational life.

The Poznań University of Life Sciences suggests 3 types of online education, find the one that suits your interests, goals, and schedule: MS Teams – Modul Office 365, GoogleEdu and ZOOM. 

All proposed solutions are free in the basic version, it is possible to make them available to all PULS employees and students.

It often happens that if you have a private account in the above platforms, you may encounter problems with access to services. This is because you are logged in to several accounts in a web browser. The best solution is: either log out of private accounts or use a separate web browser and log in to the account on the given e-learning platform.


In case you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor.
Below you can find more detailed information about their installation procedures and support for users: