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Activities of the Poznań University of Life Sciences include cooperating with schools. This involves organizing academic lessons attended by primary school, junior high school and high school pupils who are provided with the opportunity to learn about life sciences and meet “real-life” lecturers.

Another form of cooperation with schools are the classes run under the auspices of University units, so that pupils may enhance their knowledge of life sciences and learn what the Poznań University of Life Sciences offers them in the scientific and educational field. Young people attend dedicated workshops, laboratories and sessions of selected scientific associations.

The cooperation is based on agreements entered into between the Poznań University of Life Sciences and schools of Greater Poland. Parties to such agreements find it important and useful to promote the development and dissemination of science by organizing scientific and research projects, including without limitation educational activities or meetings held to inform young people of the specifics of studying at the University. Activities taken by the University and schools under their cooperation agreements are coordinated by the Centre for Continuing Edaucation.